Harvest Counseling has its roots in middle and high school education. After working in the non-profit, private, and hospital sector, I had a desire to serve adolescents and their families where they spend most of their time – in schools. A school setting is the most influential, natural, supportive environment to address mental health care for students and families.

I was hired by a proactive private school as their Director of Guidance and Counseling where I taught, developed, and implemented mental health policies, advocated for social-emotional skills to be explicitly taught in the classroom, consulted with parents and outside mental health agencies on behalf of students, and finally recognized the need for wrap-around mental health services in the place where students spend the majority of their time.

While implementing social-emotional learning and mental health policies and procedures was rewarding, I was eager to utilize my clinical therapeutic skills. I also began to notice that one of the top reasons families do not seek early intervention for emerging mental health issues was lack of time time. We are all so very busy, and it’s difficult to add one more thing to the weekly or monthly rotation.

Harvest Counseling exists to bridge that gap by operating at a school, during school hours. Luckily, the school that employed me also felt it would be best for their students to have a licensed therapist on campus for the convenience of students and families and offered their space for Harvest Counseling to take root.


Now, I still see students who attend the school where my office is located, and I also work with their siblings, parents, students from other schools, and young adults who are transitioning into the adulting phase of life. Based on the nature and beginnings of the practice, I tend to work with people who are experiencing emotional, mood, or behavioral issues that effect day to day functioning. I also find myself helping people of all ages who feel lost or overwhelmed.

Of course, students do not live in isolation. I counsel and educate parents to help them gain a better understanding of their child and develop strategies and coping skills as they navigate parenthood. I also consult with schools, administrators, school counselors, and teachers on behalf of a client as well as provide professional development opportunities.

A 16-year old young man once said to me, “I want to change; I just don’t know how.” That would be an ideal client for Harvest – someone who recognizes there’s something to work on or change but doesn’t know how or what to do. I can help with the that. I love to teach clients the tools and insights that will be beneficial on multiple occasions. For example, I can help you understand how you could have handled this week’s argument with your friend/parent/partner/teacher in a way that would create a more positive, desirable outcome. But while we’re at it, I’d like to teach you how every setback can be processed and used to grow into a strong, wiser you.

I am a great listener, but I also know you could just talk to a friend. At Harvest, you will go beyond just talk therapy: I want to provide you with experience, skills, insights, and information, that you can take with you through all life’s transitions and challenges. I do this by practicing CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, techniques. CBT is interactive and not a passive approach to counseling. My desire is for my clients to discover their priorities and goals and then develop and follow practical steps to move to a more joyful, fulfilling life.

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